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How to Get Smokie (Raccoon Leaf) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Smokie is one of the MINI bosses in Ragnarok M Eternal Love, a rare monster that will appear every 30 minutes after it dies. The location where this MINI monster spawn is in Prontera South Gate. Many players is now rooting for this monsters because of its expensive drop Raccoon Leaf, that cost around 750,000 zeny in the Exchange. It is also one of the requirement for you to upgrade to Adventure Class E. That’s why many players are hunting this monster and the drop chances is only 6% (If you’re the lucky players who gets to kill it). GamingPH

Thursday January 01, 1970

If you’re new and have problem looking for this Smokie Raccoon, will help you locate this monster!

Thursday January 01, 1970

Before doing the instruction below, you need an adventure skills, Falcon Perception for you to see this monster 20 meters away from your distance in the map. This helps a lot, if you don’t have one – get it on the NPC on the top corner of Prontera.

Thursday January 01, 1970

For you to see the Refrest Time of the monster, you need to have be a Premium so that the MINI boss monster will appear in your MVP menu. This is needed for you to know the exact time this monster will appear in the game.

How to Track and Locate Smokie

To easily track Smokie, you need to bring at least 20 to 50 Fly Wing for each round. You only have like 1 minute of find this monsters as other players probably killed it already. The first one who spot and first/last hit to this monster will get it’s loot.

Now, you need to maximize the map for you to easily locate this monster. In the map, press the center portion of the Prontera South Gate, this will make your character always move to the center once you’re using the Fly Wing. 

Check the MVP menu – if the Time Refresh of Smokie is now down to 1min. This is the time you’ll be using your Fly Wing item.

Press the fly wing every 3 to 15 seconds or before it reaches the center or you anytime you feel that you already search the area.

Only stop when you already see the MINI Boss icon in the map, quickly get to its destination and hit first the monster before any other players do it.

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