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What is Combat Time or Stamina in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Unlike the classic Ragnarok Online where you can farm experience for almost no limit. The mobile version in Ragnarok M Eternal Love, it’s different – it has a Combat Time or what they call Stamina that will limit your farming capabilities on the game. The default Combat Time for each character in the game is 300 mins or equivalent to 5 hours a day. It will replenish or restored at 5:00 am daily, and the remaining combat duration can be accumulated on the next day up to 600 minutes.
Combat time or Stamina starts counting when you starts engaging battle to a monsters. However, Fighting PVP, MVP and Mini monster is exempted and not counted to Combat time.

Thursday January 01, 1970

So what will happen when you reach the maximum Combat Time? The experience and loot you’ll be getting will gradually reduce until to almost very little, nearly no value. The color of the health bar in Combat Time also means something, here are the chart for each color.

Thursday January 01, 1970

Green – Normal Experience and Drop Rate
Orange – Decrease Experience and Drop Rate
Red – Little, to almost no Experience and Drop Rate

Thursday January 01, 1970

You can get some free Combat time up to 60 minutes every day by listening to music in the Music Box, and you can find this on the Pontera South Gate in the right top corner of the map. You can listen music from other player to increase your combat time (melodious peace) or you may also contribute by playing your own track.
How to Increase Combat Time (Stamina)
First, you need to go to Pontera South Gate, head to the right top corner of the map until you find a stage with a huge speaker in it, that is where the Music Box is. You may stay on the stage to listen music from other players and increase your Combat Time. But you can also play your own track, if no one played music.

Press on the stage to open the Track List, then press Request a Track to select a music track.

If it’s your first time. There should be a 2 minutes free tracks that you can play, the Wanna be Free!! track. Press Play to start listening to the music.

Now, you just have to wait until the music ends.

When the music ends, you’ll notice your combat time adds 2 minutes of additional combat time. That’s 1 minute music = 1 minute combat time. (The screenshot say’s 4 minutes. Sorry, we forgot to take screenshot of the 2 mins increase)

You can also buy the other available tracks to increase your combat time. Note: These are consumable item and each track cost around 10,000 zeny. To buy, click the Buy button and your character should automatically locate the merchant.

You should arrive in the Pontera and in front of the merchant, the name of the merchant is Hokkala Kim Event Merchant. Click the Event Items to buy the track.

Browse down the item list until you find the 4 tracks; I Miss You, Don’t Cry, babe, End of Adventure, and Heroes After Battle. Each track cost 10,000 zeny. Press the track and press Buy to get it.

After you buy, go back to the Music and contribute your track to everyone, then listen to the music to increase your Combat Time.
Why there is a Combat Time / Fatigue System?
This is important for the game to avoid people from abusing the auto attack system (auto grinding), because some people might take advantage of the auto attack for creating multiple accounts and automate everything to farm levels and loots.
Rules about Combat Time / Fatigue System
Here are the complete information and rules for the Combat Time or Fatigue system.

When the specific daily combat limit is exceeded. The experience and loot rate will begin to decrease.
The combat duration is restored to 300 minutes at 5:00 AM daily, and the unused combat duration can be accumulated up to a max of 600 minutes.
PVP is not included in the combat duration. MINI and MVP are not affected by the rules of loot reduction.
If you are in a team during the reduction period, you alone will be bound by the rules of reduction and your Party member will not be affected.
If your Party members fight, the combat duration will be shared with all Party members in the map.
The Mentor who holds a valid Premium can earn 30% of the effective combat duration from different students, up to a maximum of 120 minutes of effective combat duration per day.