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MobileGrip Black Edition Review

The days of handheld gaming has come along way since the first birth of handheld device like the BrickGame or GameBoy.  Most video games before are played in a joypad with physical buttons to maneuver the game. With the advent of touch-screen technology, Smartphones video games are played differently, for example in Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja. Playing this game doesn’t require a physical button to play. Instead, it plays in a touch control gesture by just tapping and slashing on the screen for the game mechanics to work. But some other competitive games like PUBG mobile, League of Legends or other MOBA games it needs some real analog sticks to deliver the full experience of the game. However, developers emulate these controls by adding some on-screen joypad controls that let you play smartphone video games like the old-school. The only missing piece to get the full experience of this game is a gaming grip.

Thursday January 01, 1970

Fortunately, a Singapore-based mobile gaming accessories start-up TheMobileGrip, comes up with an ultimate mobile gaming grip that transforms your mobile smartphone into a device better fit for gaming.
MobileGrip Ultimate Mobile Gaming Grip
MobileGrip is a mobile gaming controller that transforms your mobile smartphones into a gaming device and gives your ergonomic comfort while playing video games. The difference with MobileGrip with other accessories in the market it is made in high quality plastic, easier for you to adjust and fit your mobile device without leaving a single scratch.

Thursday January 01, 1970

It doesn’t need batteries or signal for this accessories to work, MobileGrip is for gaming comfort and grip!
Look and Feel
The MobileGrip is going for a matte black plastic finish with a straightforward and stylish design. Both sides of the controller come with a line grip pattern that improves your grip and tackle sweaty palms. It also comes with a rectangular hole to allow you to charge your device while playing games, as well as plugging your headset or earphones. The inner surface has a soft foam material that protects your smartphones from any scratch and allows your device to dock securely onto it. By just docking your device on the MobileGrip, it gives your smartphone a new look and turns into an on the go gaming device.

Thursday January 01, 1970

The smooth plastic finish is similar to the joypad controllers of Nintendo Switch, touching the plastic materials feels very satisfying and feels premium.
It is compatible with a different type of device, MobileGrip comes with a Telescopic-boom design that allows for easy stretching to fit in various sizes of smartphones from the bigger phones like Samsung Note 9, iPhone X, ROG Phone up to smaller phone like Samsung S3, iPhone 6. Unfortunately, iPhone 5s or other similar size phone is not compatible with it. The maximum phone size it can fit is up to 175mm, and the minimum phone size is up to 130mm.

At the back of the MobileGrip, it has a two locking mechanism where you can unfasten these lock to comfortably fit your bigger smartphone without readjusting every time you put your phone onto it. With this, you only have to slide your phone into it, and it will securely fit on the accessory without a hitch. The adjustable side grips are also very easy to spread out; it has a spring in the middle portion of the slide that has enough tension to keep your device in place.

Playing MOBA games with the MobileGrip gives you more advantage on the arena, you’ll feel the comfort of your palm and gives you more space of the screen as it eliminates some portion of your hands covering the screen.
Other physical buttons of your device like the power button, home button, and volume button are still accessible while onto it, so taking a game screenshot or adjusting the volume is still possible while using the game controller.

Most people that play video games while lying in bed sometimes slipped their phones on their hands and accidentally drop their phone on their face. Using the MobileGrip, this will eliminate that problem as you’ll get a firmer grip to hold the device in any directions, avoiding that accidental fall while playing games in the comfort of your bed.
When playing video games for a couple of hours, your phone gets pretty warm, and that gives you a sweaty hand, and sometimes it hurts terribly when playing it for an extended period. This controller provides your hands’ more air for breathing and gives you a cooler environment to play and let you focus in the intense game.

Overall, this game accessories is an exceptional, providing you more comfort when playing intense games. Playing various games with the MobileGrip like Ragnarok Mobile, League of Legends, Mobile Legends, or Need for Speeds will give you more space in your game screen without any blocking the display that hinders your 100% ability in the game. With its uninterrupted play where you can instantly charge your phone or plug in your headphones, you can play games for non-stop.
MobileGrip comes with four types of color variant, The all-new Black Edition, Candy Red and Tidal Blue.
Product Details
Here are the product details of the MobileGrip

Length: 139.7mm (5.5 inch)
Breadth: 25.4mm (1 inch)
Height: 109.2mm (4.3 inch)
Variant: Candy Red, Tidal Blue, Black
SRP: $17.49

Where to Buy
You can order your own MobileGrip from their official website. You can use this link to get 10% discount from their regular price $17.49 to only $14.90.