Game24h – Game Online News How to Purchase / Recharge a Premium in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

How to Purchase / Recharge a Premium in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

When you try to purchase the Premium card in Ragnarok M Eternal Love, it will proceed you to their payment gateway. However, the Select in-game currency only has 3 options, the Zeny, Bit Cat Coin and the Limited Special Gift.

Thursday January 01, 1970

To purchase a Premium which is $7.99 from it’s game page. You need to select the Limited Special Gift, then the amount to 10 USD Limited special gift + 12 Big Cat Coin, that is the correct item for the 30 days premium. It also has additional 12 Big Cat Coins upon purchase.

Thursday January 01, 1970

After your purchase, you’ll get an email similar below. You then can collect the 4 item appeared in your mail box. Once everything is collected, you’ll received the total value of 12 Big Cat Coins and a Premium for Novice Limited Edition card.

Thursday January 01, 1970

When you use the Premium for Novice card, you’ll get the following benefits and items:

Auto Fight Skill Slot +131 Days Extended PremiumBag Slot +30Party HatPlus all other benefits of a Premium

The exchange price for Premium for Novice is 721,909 zeny, which is way more better than buying a Zeny pile. Plus you’ll get 12 Big Cat Coins.