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All 30 Dinosaur Bones Location in Red Redemption 2

In the middle of the game, you’ll meet an old lady named Deborah MacGuiness a paleontologist, she told you that the state once become a vast shallow sea that has the most incredible animal that could walk, swim and fly. She call that dinosaur Totalisaurus and she requested you to help her find all of the remaining 30 dinosaur bones. Once, you find the bones, you can mail to her the location of each bones from any Post Office in the game.

Thursday January 01, 1970

This mission is called “A Test of Faith”, if you haven’t initiate this mission yet. You can do get it by going to The Hearthlands, South left corner of it. Please refer the screenshot below for the exact location. 

Thursday January 01, 1970

All 30 Dinosaur Bones Location

Thursday January 01, 1970

Below, we list all of the Red Redemption 2 Dinosaur Bones Location for you to easily find each bones in the game. 

Heartlands Oil Field Bone Location

The first bone is just on the upper right corner where you find Deborah, in map you probably see a name called “Oil Derrick”, head to that location and you’ll see the an Oil Field. When you reach the oil field, you’ll see a small hole under the oilfield. Use the ladder to reach the bottom and you will spot the bone of the dinosaur.

Heartlands Grassy Hill Bone Location

The second bones is just on the a mile away of where you find Deborah, near the Trading Post, right corner of Flatneck Station just head straight until get in to an train intersection, then on the 5th bridge, look at the left and you’ll see the bones just laying down in the grass.

Here are the complete checklist task that are required to finish the “A Test of Faith” mission.

30 of 30 Dinosaur Bones FoundSend all Location to Deborah MacGuinessCollect your reward from Deborah MacGuiness