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Survarium Updated with Sizable Improvement

Vostok Games released today it’s biggest update to the game Survarium bringing the version up to 0.53.
Included with the update are improvement to the game’s graphics rendering particularly with better detail and lighting on game locations. This definitely brought the game on par, if not better, with other major first person shooting game when it comes to quality of the graphics being rendered.
Also included with the update is the ability for the characters to jump. Players can then be able to add jumping on their strategy when dealing with enemies.
More improvements were announced but it would be better if you experience it yourself by playing the game. Download The game at Survarium at

Thursday January 01, 1970

Press Release
The capabilities of the new graphics render are increasing. the Survarium team paid much attention to improving the lighting on game locations. Rate changes on locations Tarakanovskiy Fort and Vector Laboratory yourself.

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Our developers listened to the feedback of players and continue to improve the animations of the character. In the update 0.53 a new jump animation is presented. Thus, the character’s movements became more responsive and natural.

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In 0.53 we draw your attention the new design of the game lobby. A Light, cozy apartment of around 33 square meters, with a well-preserved rug and an old refrigerator, storing a cold bottle that can warm the soul. A place where you want to return to after a long day of wandering, throw your backpack onto the table and relax in a chair, drinking freshly boiled tea with a few teaspoons of sugar. There is everything for a comfortable life: a tub for morning and evening bathing, windows, a deckchair, an improvised workbench and a pair of working lights. The house is made of solid Soviet bricks, which allows you to hear noises from above and below, and the slots in the doors not only provide a neat draft, but also guarantee additional audibility of sound from the outside. The high arrangement of the apartment provides peace and quiet and allows for restful sleep. Try your new abode and share your impressions with us!
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In addition, with the release of the update, a new feature is available: voice chat in PvP and PvE matches. Now players can communicate in the game without having to use third-party applications, which is especially true if they play alone.
By default, voice chat works for allies. Each player has the ability to turn off both voice and text chat with any player. This can be useful if you do not want to listen to allies or want to save on traffic.
Survarium developers have also given us an opportunity to improve weapons modules, which allows players to craft their modules to better suit their favorite weapons.
We’ve also fixced the most common errors with game game crashes, network synchronization and reduced the use of video memory.
About company
Vostok Games was founded by veterans of the Ukrainian gaming industry in March 2012. The company is built around people who have been working for many years in the development and production of world-class game projects. Currently, the studio is developing an online shooter Survarium and Fear the Wolves, post-apocalyptic game in the genre of “Battle Royale”.