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PUBG Announced a New Road Map “Fix PUBG”

You probably hear people complaining about bugs, cheats and performance problems in PUBG Game. PUBG Corp. has decided to eliminate this problem, and actually announced a new roadmap for their game. They call it “Fix PUBG”, in which the developer’s objective is to destroy bugs found in the game, client & server performance, improved anti-cheat system, and faster & smarter matchmaking.

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“Fix the Game.” This is a phrase we’ve been hearing a lot lately. So today, we’re announcing a new campaign entirely focused on addressing bugs, quality-of-life improvements, and fundamental performance improvements. Learn more:— PUBG (@PUBG) August 8, 2018

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Together with this announcement, PUBG has also dropped a massive update for their PC (Steam) and XBOX version of PUBG Game, fixing different issues identified on the Fix PUBG roadmap. Currently, there are 100 bugs and quality-of-life issues listed in the roadmap, 37 of them are now fixed included in the update.

Aside from the Bugs problem of the game, they also have a plan to optimize the game for PC, especially the game is still poorly-optimized even if running on a powerful PC. The team acknowledges this problem, and it is one of the objectives in the Fix PUBG roadmap, they plan to fixed both client and server-side performance of the game. However, the load times and various effect within the game are already improved. The next update is also being set with fixes from frame rate drops, desync, and server tick rates.

PUBG receives a lot of “Mostly Negative” feedback on steam reviews due to bugs and cheaters in the game. With this roadmap and developers admitting that their game was broken, it is clear that the developers wants to remove that perception.