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Casino Games Going ‘All-in’ on Horror Pop Culture

Horror has always had the unique quality of being able to seamlessly transcend the different mainstays of pop culture. From books, television, movies, comics and, of course, video games, horror is often the go-to genre for artists and developers. There are many reasons for this, including a ready-made audience and bunch of recognizable themes, but horror also gives the chance for boundless creativity. Does its popularity show any signs of abating? Certainly not. Just look at the phenomenon of Fortnite if you need some reminding of that fact.

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Horror, in all its forms, has long been a popular outlet for pop culture. We all saw a rise in the popularity of ‘teen vampire’ stuff around the turn of the millennium, but there is a consensus that zombie-themed movies and games are winning the battle of the undead. We see this in the countless number of zombie games: Dayz, Dying Light, Call of Duty: Zombies, Resident Evil, State of Decay. Can anyone name vampire games with the same iconic status?

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Online Casinos in Canada Embracing the Horror Genre

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Zombies have even begun to infiltrate non-traditional gaming spheres, such as at online casinos. For example, Lost Vegas is a rewarding slot game which allows you to play in two different game modes, Zombies or Survivors. Real cash wins can rack up in cool ways, such as the Zombie Fist of Cash or Blackout Bonus, but the real lucrative pays come in the Free Spins Features, where you can earn huge amounts of cash with Stacked Wild and Stash Features. The game’s popularity is in no small part down to its zombie iconography, but, certainly, those tantalising payouts have also played a role.

Of course, casino games developers will jump upon a winning formula in the same manner as regular games developers, so there are many other top games with a horror theme. In Canada, sites like Jackpot City offer several games that embrace the genre. You’ll find Halloween online slot, which is based on the original John Carpenter movie that launched a franchise, and Hellboy, a game that goes back to the comic book roots of the eponymous anti-hero. Even the vampire genre is covered with games like Blood Suckers and Immortal Romance.

Horror Slots have encouraged a new generation of Casino Fans

So, why are horror slots becoming so popular at online casinos in Canada and beyond? It seems strange because the games are so far removed from traditional casino classics like blackjack and roulette. But, one must appreciate how online casinos have evolved in recent years. Asking why players love zombie slots is the same as asking why C.O.D fans do not prefer to play Tetris. The industry has moved on and has the technology to offer choices for fans of all tastes and persuasions.

Horror fulfills base need for scares

Like movies and games, horror slots fulfil something in us that cannot be matched with day to day life. Getting the ‘jump scare’ from the Zombie Fist of Cash feature in Lost Vegas, for example, gives a similar psychological reward to those features in a Sam Raimi or James Wan movie. The fact that the reward also features a wad of cash just reinforces the popularity of the online casino games.

Should we expect even more online casino slots to jump on the horror bandwagon? Absolutely. Slots have had a long history of being themed on whatever is hot in pop culture, with everything from Tomb Raider, Jurassic Park and Justice League all made into slot games in recent years. Could we see a Fortnite slot in the near future? Certainly. Watch this space.