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Rogue Life: Squad Goals’ Sweet Escapade Events

Achieving more than 20,000 LIKES in Facebook Pages, flood of positive reviews, comments and feedback from different Social Media platforms, Rogue Life is hereby offering sweet treat events! Catch these 3-week events that are full of surprises, tons of rewards and eye-popping gifts! Events run until Dec. 17.

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Monday October 15, 2018

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To mark this success, this Community Event entitled “Rogue’s Sweet Escapade” will be giving away jaw-dropping $5000 worth of in-game items! Each day and per week, different events are hereby offered. These engaging events are a simple appreciation because our avid gamers are fierce to make our community in Rogue Life become even bigger. Events are as follows: Rogue Uniform, Purchasing Reward, and Challenges in Gap of Dimension, Arena, Duel, Kingdom of Defense, Review Rewards and New Player Acquisition.
Also, Comeback Event is inviting all former Rogue Life gamer with no login after the event start to join. Get amazing REWARDS sent straight to your mailbox automatically as you rejoin. Check the mailbox each time and avoid “Get All” for you to see if you’ve got the rewards.
Always tag a friend of yours and share these events to get additional prizes! There are more Community Events coming to your doorstep. Catch those on the following days!
For more Community Events update and details, feel free to visit Rogue Life: Squad Goals Facebook page.

Thursday January 01, 1970

Game Features:

Thursday January 01, 1970

Adorable squad members to train
Raise your level to recruit all wanderers
Customize your squad in various adorable outfits with unique set options
Intuitive ultimate shooting RPG
Real-life Simulation – tons of chores and activities to do!
Get rewards by doing activities in your squad home

Rogue Life is taking by storm Google Play as its now topped in New Release, free-game apps. This ultimate shooting RPG is developed by Hidea, a South Korean gaming company. It features crossover RPG with a twist – real-life simulation. This comes with in-game purchases. Expect more as its expansion to other Southeast Asian countries is so soon. For more details, visit our Official Facebook Fan Page.
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