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Fantasy Squad Spooky Weeklong Events!

As Fantasy Squad unveils its Newest Content Game Update, we are always one step forward of what you want! Because of our great milestones of thousand downloads, good reviews and feedbacks, we’re serving in your golden plate our 2-week events namely: Spook-tacular Rodette’s Soulmate and SNS Event!!!
Come and join to our multitude of events happening every day. Get NEW Heroes via joining our Events! We will be giving away 30 jewels guaranteed for each participant of our SNS Event! Rodette is looking for a soul to be reaped. Be the greatest Soul Reaper in Fantasy Squad by simply inviting NEW players for the game. Invite as many as you can to download and play it and be rewarded with eye-popping gifts of 500 jewels and 1 Hero of his choice for the #1 Soul Reaper.
Don’t forget to tag a friend and share these events to get additional prizes! There are more Community Events we’re offering. Catch those on the following days!

Soi kèo bóng đá PAOK vs Benfica, 2h00 ngày 30/8, Champions League
Wednesday August 29, 2018

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For more Community Events update and details, feel free to visit Fantasy Squad Facebook page.
Game Features:
★ Stand tall to be humanity’s last hope!
★ Get CRAZY with 500,000 possible Team Combination!
★ Immerse your senses with Immense Story and Character Depth!
★ The Ultimate Fantasy Squad – Strategy & Plot!
★ Real Time Battle FEVER!
Game Info:
Fantasy Squad will complete your fulfilling JOURNEY of an action-packed RPG. Train your Squad Heroes to complete each QUEST! Start a NEW ERA on your Fantasy Legacy in the far, far north. The [Wall of Wonders] stood tall as the sky isolating a world where [Guardians], beasts and diverse creatures exist in harmony. The Wall that was unmoved and safe through the test of time. Until such day when humanity received a grim reminder of the dangers of the unknown and that fateful time, the wall cracked open and unveiled the hidden Northern World. Challenge yourself! Tame the Guardians to be humanity’s LAST HOPE and withstand Garashid’s curse to form a Squad that smash them instantly! Face your fate…
Fantasy Squad is a free-to-play app published by OnPlay and developed by Plustonic games in South Korea. Gamers have an option of in-game purchases. iOS gamer can now enjoy this game!
Official Links:
DOWNLOAD on Google Play Store:
On iOS App Store:
Fantasy Squad PH Facebook page:
Official English Trailer:
Official Website:

Video Clip: Lazio vs Inter – Serie A 2018-19
Tuesday October 30, 2018

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